Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fringe Kiss Scene

*******WARNING this blog post WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS*******

Read if you wish, but this post will contain spoilers about who the two actors that kiss. By reading this you acknowledge that you have been warned.

So since I take evening classes now at VCC I happen to be near Gastown. Which happens to be the location at with Fringe was filming a kiss scene between to main characters at night.

*******Okay, now seriously! If you don't want any SPOILERS to ruin your mood during the show DON'T READ THIS*******

Normally I wouldn't go to a night set just because of the hour, but thankfully for me I take night classes so I just 'happen to be in the area'. I was really debating on whether or not to go because I was already so exhausted today and I needed to get up super early in the morning for work. But when I walked our those school doors I just happened to end up walking towards Gastown. It was a cold, crisp night so I was actually quite refreshing to walk in, so I thought I wouldn't hurt to check out. Being in the cold seemed to make me less tired.

*******SERIOUSLY!!!! The actors are going to be announced in this paragraph. STOP READING NOW if you don't want SPOILERS*******

So when I got to the set it was all lit up brightly with big lighting fixtures all around. I had to wait quite awhile until they started filming again. I think I arrived just as they had finished filming the scene. So I stood in the cold just waiting around until they started rolling again. While I was waiting around I saw that Josh was still on set and he was talking to the crew members, like usual. Finally after about 10 minutes, or so (felt like so much longer), they started rolling again. In the scene, I saw Peter (Joshua Jackson) walking across the street  towards Olivia (Anna Torv) and then she comes walking towards him and they give each other a big hug, Peter almost picks Olivia up off the ground when he hugs her and then they embrace in a very strong passionate kiss. It was a mighty good kiss I must say. Wasn't just a peck or a simple "hi" kiss. It was a full on embracing, hugging, very close passionate kiss. It was definitely a kiss you do not want to miss. After they kiss for a long moment they talked to each other.

They were obviously in our universe, due to Olivia's outfit (unless for some reason Olivia is the parallel universe dressed as herself). So it looked almost as if this were a real scene, because of the way they were dressed, not a dream. I could be wrong but the way they were dressed it seemed so real to me. But then again I could be wrong and it could be just another one of Peter's dreams, or maybe Olivia's??? But it seemed to normal to be one of Peter's dreams. In Peter's dreams they are usually a little bit more "out there". Ex. Shirtless Walter cooking in the kitchen.

I have to say that I was surprised and yet not surprised at all when I saw the kiss scene and who it involved. I honestly thought it would have been Lincoln and Olivia having a kiss scene, but I also knew that there could be the possibility of it being Peter and Olivia too. I was secretly wanting it to be Lincoln and Olivia though because they haven't had an on-screen kiss yet and I do love them together. Even though I love Peter and Olivia together too. I really like Lincoln too, and I love the relationship between him and Olivia. I think it is really cute. So I was a little bit disappointed inside when I saw that I wasn't Lincoln but when I saw Peter and Olivia kiss I couldn't help but smile too. It was so romantic and cute, and they are so perfect together its so hard not to smile when you see it. It was absolutely spectacular!

Anna was dressed in her black jacket and pants with her hair tied back into a pony tail, and I can't remember exactly but I think she was wearing her black knitted hat too. I don't remember because when I left Anna was getting her make-up done and she wasn't wearing a hat.

Josh was dressed in his navy blue pea coat and pants. The usual outdoor outfits for both of them.

I'm just spitting ideas out here, but could Olivia have realized who Peter is and is going back to him? Has Olivia died in this timeline and now we are back to our original timeline? Have we somehow managed to get back to Peter's timeline without Olivia dying? Who knows! Feel free to tell me what your idea's and scenarios are to what this scene could mean in the upcoming episodes. Comment on this blog post or you can tweet me at sarahlucia_xoxo.

To see pictures of the set click here.


  1. I knew it would be the kiss between Peter and Olivia. Peter finally realizes that he is at home.
    PS: I hate Lincoln.
    PS2: Thanks :)

  2. Hate Lincoln? Pshaw

  3. how can you hate lincoln? he is so adorable :)

  4. I'm waiting for someone to voice their anger over your final paragraphs, about the pretext that they don't have spoilers. Um, just knowing its a kissing scene and you only mention Anna and Josh... you can figure it out! LOL... i don't mind myself. I like spoilers...

  5. haha yes its true. it is pretty easy to fill in the blanks. but im sure if they really dont want the spoilers they wont even read this at all. haha.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to write up a report. So excited and I'm sure it'll be adorable to watch on screen. Hopefully it's not a dream sequence.

    But I heard it was ridiculously cold. How long were you out there?

  7. Only like half and hour - 45 min or so. Not very long. After watching the scene three times I figured I would just go home. I knew it was gonna be the same thing over and over again anyways. I saw what I needed to see. :)
    And yeah! It was FREEEEEEZZZINNNGGG. My feet were still frozen when I got home.

  8. Are you sure Josh was wearing his navy peacoat? I saw a pic a fan got with him and he's wearing his current dark gray jacket with the check pattern on it.

  9. Oh I don't know. They look similar. It was dark and I was far away. So I could be wrong. I just assumed that it was his navy pea coat. Your probably right. It was most likely his dark grey jacket. Sorry. My mistake.

  10. Thank you!!! I was super excited! Hehe. By the way, you said you watched the scene three times? So Anna n Josh kissed at least three times? =P OMFG!!! I can't wait to see this's just sooooooo damn far away plus the 2 weeks hiatus. Darn~

  11. Are they crying or look like they are emotional? i.e haven't seen each other in a while? (thanks for post btw)

  12. Does the kissing scene anything like in season 3-6B or more passionate than that? Thanks for the report and thanks for the effort of going there. Hehe, I definitely enjoy reading it.

  13. You have no idea how pissed off i am right now!!! Why would you post this infomation? The cast, crew and director - Joel Wyman - our beloved Fringe god .... specifically asked for NO ONE to take pics or to post spoilers. But you have done it anyway. It shows that you have absolutley no respect for these people or the fans.
    I am a true fan of Fringe ... i mean i LOVE IT. So much so that i have travelled to Vancouver from Australia 3 times in the past 14 months just to watch Fringe being filmed.
    A group of us Fringe fans was on set last night and the crew and Joel Wyman honoured us by asking us to be background extras in our most favourite show ever!!!! We saw everything ...and we said nothing! It was our secret and we would never betray the trust placed in us.
    You have let Fringe fandom down ... but above all else you showed that you have no pespect for the people who bring us Fringe.
    I would ask you to remove this post .... but the damage is already done.
    For me ..... well you have just ruined the greatest moment of my life.

  14. @runpaceyrun So you want everyone to stay unspoiled, yet you and your set stalkers completely spoiled yourselves. Yeah, that makes sense.

  15. @runpaceyrun

    you are such a BORING, drama queen.

  16. @runpaceyrun

    you call yourself a true fringe fan. yet YOU want to keep everything you saw to yourself.
    you dont want to share it with other fringe fans who also want to know "the behind the scenes actions" on fringe, but dont have the time or money to travel to canada to do it.

    so dont be so selfish, and let everyone else share their experience.

    my compliments for the lady who posted this set reports!

    thank u so much!!!!

  17. @runpaceyrun

    Don't speak in behalf of Fringe fandom. We're definitely not all like you. RME.

    They should just be happy they have viewers keeping them on the air. For now.

  18. I agreed with Sarah Lucia's argument that if they seriously don't want us to know about they kiss, they wouldn't put it on the paper where 'a kiss' between two of the main casts. Besides, it's a kiss and from the story that Sarah told us, it's a very good one. Indirectly, it'll definitely drives more fans to watch the show live, hopefully those previous Fringe fans that let Fringe go because they don't like how the storyline went in Season 3. I don't think Sarah spoil it for all of us. We already know there's a kiss. And if you're not a Fringe fan, you won't be lurking on twitter searching for any other possible spoilers regarding Fringe. If you land on here,its practically your fault. Don't blame it on others.

    I agreed with the above anonymous saying the runpaceyrun is a selfish Fringe fan for keeping all the great juices all by him/herself. And runpaceyrun, you don't speak for the entire Fringedom. Travelling from Australia to Vancouver just to watch the set doesn't make you a fan above all of us.

    I'm just happy to know Peter and Olivia shared a beautiful kiss that I wouldn't want to miss. Episode 4.15 would be on my twitter for months to come and I'll share news about it. Making people who are not yet Fringe curious why the kiss is so important. =) Thanks Sarah for sharing one of the greatest news in both worlds for us. For now, I'm content even though I do not travel to Vancouver to watch and keep the yummy materials all to myself.

  19. totally agree with the above Anon :)

  20. Oh thx a lot for this great news, this will make my day :D thx a a lot. How cool that you can go to the set and meet them *dream*. You met them befor or ? Are they so sweet and nice how we think they are ? And you saw Josh and Anna talking right ? do you think they like each other I mean as friends ? And did you see John too? I know so many questions but I'm so curious , because I'll never get the chance to go there so I'm really happy when I red something about Fringe :) thanks for this great news ^^

  21. Thank you for sharing your story---- ignore the rabid hypocritical fans---- could you answer some of the questions in the posts above from Cooper, Tanya and Tania? Merci :)

  22. Sorry I havn't replied to any of your questions. I've been a bit distracted.
    So I will just go through all your comments and reply to them all in order. :)

    haha yeah. We'll actually I think it was four times now that I think back about it. There was the of the scenes I was behind the tents so I couldn't see what was being filmed and I didn't know exactly what they were filming but then the second time I moved so that I could see what was being filmed. Also they had been filming that kiss scene since like 7 pm I think. I could be wrong, but it was somewhere around that time I believe and I have no idea how much longer they lasted that night. So I'm pretty sure Anna and Josh kissed A LOT more then three or four times. haha. They are probably really comfortable with it after working together for 4 years now. haha.

  23. @Cooper
    It looked emotional to me. They had big smiles on their faces and it looked as almost Anna could have been crying and Josh was touching her hair to console her and stuff. But I could really see Anna's face, it was mostly just Josh's face I could see from the angle I was at. It looked almost like they hadn't seen each other in a long time and they embraced each other like they had just reunited or something. So I am leaning a lot towards that this is back to Peter's timeline again. Or that Olivia has finally realized who Peter is and she remembers all her feelings or something. But I really don't know. There are so many varying scenarios of what it could actually be. I am very excited to see this all on screen to find out what it all means.

  24. @Tanya
    I'm not really quite sure as to what you mean by season 3-6B. Maybe you could explain that a bit better? Do you mean like S03E06?

  25. @Anon
    Wow! Thank you for that response, and too all you other Fringies that agree with this. That response pretty much summed it all up for me. I am so glad you all appreciate this post so much. I mostly just intended this post to be for my friends who didn't get to come down and check out the filming with me and I didn't want to have to explain it all over and over again to everyone that wanted to know. And I knew that a lot of the fans, who either couldn't come down to the set, or live in another part of the world wanted to know what happened on that scene, because we all knew it was going to be a kiss scene between to main actors and and even JJ said this exactly " episode now that it incredibly romantic and incredibly powerful and emotional and has my favourite combination of weird and sweet – of sci-fi and romance." By just knowing this and now who it is going to be of I think it's making the fans want to watch it even more. And I purposely did not take any photos of this scene for respect to the actors and the crew because I didn't think it was proper to do so. I can understand they want to keep it somewhat secret, yes, but also they want the viewers and fans to know about it so they have more anticipation to watch the show. I was so excited about this scene I knew that others would be too and I only said what I saw from my own eyes. I didn't take pictures because I wanted the fans to use their imaginations as to what this scene could look like and I didn't want to give out too much spoilers with pics because that would really ruin the scene. This way people can just use their imaginations as to what it will look like and they will be just as equally surprised when they watch it. Over all, just judging from everyone's response I think this has really made even more people want to watch it. And hopefully maybe the fans that had stopped watching the show but have been keeping up with spoilers will want to watch the show even more, now that they know what is coming. I think that's what the writers and directors are really wanting to happen with scene. To have all the old fans come back and continue watching with the rest of us. I really hope that this does happen. The show really deserves all the support they can get.

  26. @Julia
    Yeah I have been to the set a few times now. So far I have gotten to meet Seth, Josh and Anna. If you check out this post you can read all about how I got to meet them. :) I didn't really see Anna and Josh talking to each other much. They mostly just did their scene. Cut. Went to their makeup artists and then went back to their positions and started rolling again. haha. I don't know for sure but I'm sure they do. But I honestly couldn't tell you that. No I have still get to see John. I've been on set when Astrid and Lance have been there too, but I havn't met them yet either. I was once right behind Lance, and sitting in the same coffee shop as him, but I didn't go up to him. I wish I had though. This is the post I wrote when I was at that set.
    Yeah no worries! I love the questions! That's why I like to go to the sets, not just for myself, but for the fans too. I love filming sets and I was only so jealous of the people that got to go on them, and I never thought I would ever get to go on one until I started watching Fringe and paying attention to the filming notices and tweets. haha. So when I go to the sets I really like to share what I saw so that all the fans that can't go get to know about it too. I hope they all appriciate it as much as I do. :)

    1. oh thx a lot for answering my question :) I red about your meeting with them. how cool is this ? You met both in a coffe shop :D great. Maybe they were together in this shop to have a break. Sorry in this point I think I'm a little bit like Tanye :D I woud love to know that they are friends because they have a great cemistry on screen and so I think they could be great friends off screen, but that's maybe only my opinion. But I want to thank you again it's really nice from you that you can imagine how bad it feels when you have no chance to get there and nobody would tell us what happend there :)thx a lot for sharing this moements with us. Have a nice day

  27. Hehe, I'm actually referring to the kiss scene in S03E14. The scene where Olivia kissed Peter in the end of the episode at Peter's house. Is it something of that sort or it's more than that?

    So more questions doesn't hurt for you? Because I have tonnes of questions about it. =P

    And the details that Anna n Josh kissed more than 3 times in a passionate kiss makes me giddy. I love them so so much. =) And I really like how fans who went to the set n met the wonderful casts write down their experience. It just makes us Fringies who live so far across the world to enjoy reading them. I'm just happy I found this blog. Now I'm gonna check back on them very frequently. It's great to know another Fringies. ;)

  28. @Tanya
    you mean this scene right?

  29. @Tanya and yeah questions don't scare me. I love answering them. :)
    haha yeah well I mean if you think about it, from all the other times they have kissed and to film a scene it takes A LOT of shots so they have kissed each other A LOT of times. haha.
    yeah I'm glad to do it for you guys. I love being able to tell others about it. It makes it even more enjoyable. :)
    haha. Good! I'm really glad you like it. It doesn't get updated a lot, but whenever I do have something really good to write about I will post it. Do you have twitter? Cuz if you do you can follow me at @sarahlucia_xoxo. I'll follow you back too. :) I post a lot more Fringe stuff on there then I do here. And whenever I do do a blog post about it I will post it on my twitter. Or tumblr too. If you have any of those I post a lot more Fringe stuff on those. :)

  30. LoL~ Yup, that's the scene I'm talking about. Haha, I know they kissed each other a lot of times but the previous kisses on previous episodes are not really that passionate to me. It's more like a peck on the lips, a hello if the scene that you're talking about has more of its passionate theme in it, I would pretty much get myself high with my own dose of LSD plus Cortexiphan. A girl could dreams right. =P By the way, do they really depart from each other so quickly after the director yell 'cut'? I'm always wondering how do you act out a kissing scenes with your co-star - its just awkward don't you think?

    No, I'm afraid not. I'm being observer at the moment though I'm not bald (=: but I'm keeping you in my bookmark. ;)

  31. Well all I will say is that has similar potential. I do not want to give away too much spoilers. But its definitely squealing material. You might even cry or just jump up with happy giddiness. haha. And I agree, yeah most of the kisses they have had between each other is pretty lame. lol
    Yeah they do. Pretty much. In any scene, really, the actors will either go to their make-up artists or the artist will come up to them and touch them up. I don't think its necessarily. awkward so much. I mean they've been doing it for so long that its just natural to kiss. and then stop. lol. I mean if it was their first time, then that would be awkward but I think after like 100 takes I'm sure its just normal to them now. haha.

    Okay. Well I'm glad you are bookmarking me. :)

  32. LOL~ I was practically jumping out of my seat and screamed when I saw the S03E14 kissing scene. =P Guess I'll just have to wait and create my imagination on the upcoming kiss. But yeah, giving too much spoilers ain't good either. I'm going to remind myself all over again that there's a kiss between Peter and Olivia and it's a good one. I'll =X for now.

    I guess that's normal for actor/actress because they're professional. I always has an inclination that both has feelings for each other but both brushed it aside because Josh got a gf and Anna's single now. That's why I'm asking if there's any awkwardness or not. LoL, sorry..I'm in my Torvson world right now. Pardon me if I scared you. =)

  33. haha. No you havn't scared me at all. I can just see you really happy about it. :)
    I would be really happy to read about this kind of thing too. That's why I posted it. haha.
    Well I hope that the scene will be up to your expectations. :)

  34. @Julia
    Awe. Well I'm glad you enjoyed my posts. That makes me happy. :)
    I'd imagine that they get along well and stuff. I mean so far whenever I see them on set they are usually talking to the crew members and Anna is always getting touched up with her make-up. I've never really seen them together off screen just chatting it up like bffs or anything. Haha. But they are all very professional. You can tell they really do take their job seriously. Josh can be a bit goofy sometimes and has a hilarious laugh. Haha. And they are all really super nice.

  35. you're welcome :)
    yeah I think so because they all do a great job... when you are talking about Josh's goofy laugh , I have to think of the bloopers :D

  36. LOL! Yup, I'm really happy about it. I think if I recalled back to when I read your blog post, I went crazy~ =P Lots of screaming in my heart, thumping my feet on the floor...hmm, u know..the usual stuff. Hahaha!

    Seeing how Josh and Anna react to anything that's been said seems to indicate that they are pretty much alike. I remember the 2011 comic con where John asked a question about the record. Both Anna n Josh react at the same time that it's sooo cute watching them.

    I don't know why there's a speculation on the internet saying those two doesn't get along well. How could that be right when they're pretty much alike. They're so like Peter and Olivia who keeps an arm length about almost anything. Its funny when I realised the similarity that they had with the Fringe characters. As in a way, maybe both didn't want to admit their feelings towards each other. LOL! Since you're not afraid of me...I don't mind spilling my brains out. Hahaha!

    Talking about Josh's goofy laugh...Anna laughed cutely too. She has a huge voice and it resonates through her voice cord. I think I read somewhere before that when she laughed on set, it could be heard miles away. Imagine how far away that fan from the set and they could hear her laugh.

    Remember the previous video about asking Anna how is she like Olivia and how she is not? She mentioned that she's cold. That really makes me wonder, does she gives the 'coldness' to fans? Or just someone in particular? I was inclined to believe that maybe some fans questioned her frontly why she didn't interact much with Josh. To me, she's one of the most friendly actress I've ever known even though I don't get to interact her directly. She still keeps her posture upright in a good way and not the arrogant kind of way. I could imagine someone being arrogant after being exposed to the media especially the US media but she's still the same her. I can't wait to meet her in real life. Heck, I can't wait to meet the rest of the Fringe casts too. LOL!

  37. @Tanya
    Haha. I love how excited you are about this. Well maybe they don't get along too well because they are so much a like. A lot of times if people are too much alike they will clash with each other and that can be annoying. I think that's where the saying 'opposites attract' come from. :P
    Yeah Josh has and extremely loud funny laugh. We were observing from the alley once and when he was there, we were quite a bit away, and he started laughing with the crew histarically. it was really funny. He literally thrust his head back and laughing so loudly. lol.
    Anna is super friendly and super nice. My friend got to meet her once, back when they were filming like season 2 I think and he met her before she had all her make up on and stuff and he said that she was really really nice and even introduce him to the crew and stuff. So far I haven't heard anything bad about her from anyone else that has met her. I met her so briefly that I have barely anything to say but she was really nice.
    Awe yeah I hope you can get to meet her one day. She is really worth the meeting.

  38. Yup, you're right. Sometimes alike people doesn't get along with people like themselves but its a different scenario with Peter and Olivia. =P They're alike in so many ways. An arm's length approach and the way they take matters into their own hands. Oh I just remembered another thing that Josh and Anna have in common. =P Both didn't have daddy when they grew up and now both have John as their 'daddy'. I think its very sweet of John to be their daddy figure. I remember a tweet from John saying he definitely would like to have Josh and Anna as his son n daughter. Have you met John before? I can't believe he's on Lord of The Ring before. LoTR is a very creepy to me overall but I still watched it. Haha!

    I know right, opposite attracts. LoL~ Now I'm beginning to think about what Josh said about the new timeline and his character relationship. He did tease previously about Peter and Astrid before. LOL!!

    Wow, your friend is so lucky to meet her too. Haha, I bet that was the most fantastic day of your friend's life. ;) Yup, everything I've heard about her are all positive comments. Hehe, it's my dream to meet her. I met her in my dreams already and she's super duperly nice. =D

    Did you watch the latest episode yet???

  39. Haha that's awesome. I did not know that about them.
    No I havn't met John yet, but my other friends have gotten to meet him twice. :)
    I didn't know that John was in LOTR. I havn't seen it so I wouldn't know.

    Haha. Yeah I remember him saying that its going to be the Peter and Astrid season. lol

    Yes I watched the most recent episode. I got really excited for it because thats the episode when I really started checking out the sets. I was so excited when the NY Manhatten scene came on cuz I saw all of that being filmed. I was so cool to watch in the show cuz I knew exactly when and what was filmed where and such. It was so awesome. But ugh. The ending. :S I hate Nina so much!!!

  40. LoL! I didn't realised John was in LOTR either but I didn't rewatch LoTR just to check back John's character because LoTR is a horror movie that I vowed never to watch it again. =P Its really terrifying if those monsters really come to live. UHhhh...the thought about those monsters make me freak out~ Ooops. =P

    Haha, that episode is great though there's not much Polivia scene in it except the ending. =) I practically melt when Olivia smiled sweetly to Peter. Hahaha. But then again, the scene where David Robert Jones interact with a mystery person got me guessing that David Robert Jones is just another pawn in this chess game. NINA!!! She and her wicked smile~ ARrGHHH!!! I was really happy at the beginning of the season when I found out she took care of Olivia and Rachel after their mother died. Now, I'm fuming because she eventually wants Olivia for her own good. I felt like tearing Nina into pieces~ Oh man, every episode of Fringe now always make me go aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh~ Every week I have no remind myself that after this week episode, I'll concentrate on my studies and that it's a standalone episode which I'm goin to enjoy...but I was soooo extremely wrong. It only got my hyped up for more. NiNa is the devil in human's skin. XD

    Talking about Fringe, new episode is coming soon. WEEEEEE!!! =D Now, that's sth to get excited about. ;)

  41. ewww you like the new nina and olivia relationship? i dont. right away when i saw it it made me cringe. i was never a big fan of nina and then when that new relationship happened made me ugh i dont even want to think about it. haha. and then when we found out nina was drugging olivia just made me hate her more. especially because in this timeline she is supposed to be like a mother to them. so it all seems so weird. but then again it is nina we are talking about so it doenst surprise me much there. but im really interested to see where this is all going. maybe what she is doing is actually for the good. i dunno.

    new episode. im really interested to see what happens with olivias death. maybe thats got something to do with what nina is doing?

  42. Haha, yeah...only in the beginning of the season. =P Coz I figured it must be hard after her mum died and its really a fine touch of the writers to write that Nina took them in. But of course, things never really quite as it seems and Nina is the worst enemy ever in this new timeline because if I remembered correctly in the original timeline, Nina advised Olivia about sth(dont quite remember what it was already) and she added that she would say the same thing to her own daughter. LoL! There's a rumor on internet saying that maybe Nina is Olivia's biological mother and David Robert Jones is her real daddy. HAHA! Ahh, Olivia's death. I hope its really not as it seems. =/

  43. haha i highly doubt that rumour is true. sure hope not.
    i hope olivia dies and then it brings back to our original timeline.

  44. LOL! Aww, I don't wanna see Olivia dies. She already died once in the future-2026. I was totally devastated when she died that time even though I know it'll only happen in the future.

    Oh boy~ I'm so sorry for replying your post late. I was out of town and I only got back. =P

    And I saw the latest sneak peek of Fringe for this coming episode. Looks like this Olivia is our Peter's Olivia after all. ^-^ I'm so excited!! =P

  45. OMG! I just finished watching this weeks ep and OMG!!!!!!! THAT WAS SO INTENSE!!!! And POLIVIA!!! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?! PIECING ALL THESE THINGS TOGETHER!! There are so many ideas and theories that are running through my head right now. It's insane!

  46. XD HAHA! I know's just so intense~ I never thought I would see the last part coming into play. The next episode is definitely goin to be Peter avoiding this Olivia thinking she's a freak~ JK! =P No wonder ppl have been saying February is the month Fringies have been looking forward for because its all about love. The opening scene of that episode is soooooo steamy and hmmm, my mind's in the gutter now and I need cold shower. =P